Loren Adam Goodman Arrested

A Scott County Deputy while on patrol noticed a vehicle sitting off to the side at the Valero.  The store was closed at the time. When the Deputy approached the vehicle the subject identified as Loren Adam Goodman, acted very nervous according to the deputy.
The deputy asked Goodman for identification and he came back wanted in Tennessee. Goodman gave the deputy permission to search his vehicle. The deputy noticed a glass smoking pipe with residue in it. A further search of the vehicle produced a small baggie of crystal like substance, this was hidden in a pack of cigarettes.
The substance field tested positive for methamphetamine. The deputy also found four Aderol, another pipe, a crushed up Suboxone and some marijuana.
Charges for Goodman include;
Possession of Schedule II, 2nd Offense
Possession of Schedule III
Posession of Marijuana


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