Local Virginia Department of Corrections Employees Indicted

Recently three Virginia Department of Corrections employees were among those indicted for a variety of crimes alleged to have taken place in Wallens Ridge State Prison and the Red Onion State Prison. These felony charges include sex with inmates and bringing drugs into two Wise County state prisons.
Along with five other people, three former Wallens Ridge State Prison cafeteria workers, Connie Belcher age 51 of Jonesville, Josie Collins age 47 of Kingsport, and Laura Kay Nickels age 38 of Abingdon, were all indicted on one count each of carnal knowledge of an inmate.
According to official documents, Belcher and Nickels are alleged to have been involved with more than one inmate between June and August of 2019. Collins is alleged to have been involved with an inmate between May and July of 2019. If convicted, these felony charges carry a maximum prison term of five years.
In another alleged incident at Wallens Ridge State Prison, Teresa Marie Welch age 55, of Atkins, Virginia has been indicted on once count of Attempted Delivery of Drugs. This felony charge carries a maximum penalty of ten years in prison.
Inmate Marvin Derricott age 33 of the Red Onion State Prison, and Tiffany Cox age 31, of Richmond, Virginia are both indicted on charges of Conspiracy to Deliver Drugs to an Inmate and Bribery in connection with an alleged incident that occurred at the prison on October 24th of 2019. Additionally, Derricott has also been indicted on once county of Criminal Solicitation. If convicted the bribery and conspiracy charges each present a maximum ten year prison sentence, and a five year maximum prison sentence for the solicitation charge.

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