LENOWISCO Health District COVID19 Vaccines

According to the latest info from the LENOWISCO Health District social media page, individuals who have had both doses of the COVID19 vaccines may still be able to spread the virus to others, continuing the spread.
Citing Professor Jonathan Van-Tam, England’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer who cautioned that scientists “do not yet know the impact of the vaccine on transmission” of the virus. He went on to add that these vaccines offer hope but infection rates need to come down quickly. Also that “no vaccine has ever been” 100% effective, so there is no guaranteed protection.
Remember that it is still possible to contract the virus in the 2-3 week period after receiving your vaccination, so it is better to allow a minimum of three weeks for the body’s immune response to develop fully in older people.
Residents are reminded to contact your local health department to schedule COVID19 vaccinations for age 65+, and to be aware they do not as yet, have vaccines available for ages 16-64 high risk or other populations in the 1B priority group. They are working with a very limited number of available appointments.
Appointments are required in advance and they ask that you please do not arrive early for your scheduled appointment.
They will also be providing vaccines to area Food City pharmacies who may have availabilities, so suggest you could also contact your local Food City to ask about availability and schedule your appointment with them.

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