LENOWISCO Health District COVID-19 Statistics

In today’s local news the latest information from the Virginia Department of Health LENOWISCO Health District COVID-19 another case was reported in Lee County, bringing our total number of local cases to eight. There have been no COVID-19 deaths since the very first reported case in Virginia on March 7th.
Nearby in Wise County, their total pandemic cases remains at twenty confirmed and a single death. Norton remains at two verified cases with no reported fatalities, and the district statistics were thirty-five cases and no related casualties. Scott County’s stats remain at five confirmed cases and one death.
While COVID-19 regional testing rates have dramatically increased, there has only been one new confirmed case in Southwest Virginia. The most recent statewide testing data for Virginia lists more than 69,000 have been tested out of an estimated population of more than eight million. This reflects a one tenth of a percent increase in testing rates. Additionally, more than 1800 people were hospitalized with only eight of these considered to be probable cases. Probable cases refer to those who are symptomatic for COVID-19 but had not yet been confirmed positive by test results.
In Tennessee, more than 131,000 have been tested for the virus, out of an estimated six million plus population. This data reflects an almost three tenths of a percentage increase in statewide testing.
To date Virginia has confirmed a total of 11,594 cases with 410 reported casualties this figure includes an increase of 542 confirmed cases in one day. Tennessee is currently reporting a pandemic total of 8,726 cases with 168 deaths.

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