Lee County’s Laptops Late to Arrive

Schools in Lee County, Virginia can now expect their laptops to arrive sometime later this Fall, because of a manufacturer delay. This is in response to a previous notifications from the technology vendor about the order being delayed because of a hold up with U.S. Customs.
In the interim, the Lee County school systems have been working in coordination with both federal and state lawmakers for a possible solution. It was later confirmed with an investigation into the situation with Senator Kaine’s office, that the Lee County order was in fact not being held up or blocked by U.S. Customs, but instead the decision to stop shipment was initiated by the manufacturer.
According to officials from the Lee County school system, they have since placed an order for laptops, and hope to have them by the end of next month.
Another potential benefit of laptops in classrooms is that using computers is more fun for students than simply sitting at a desk and listening to a lecture with a pad of paper and a pen. Students that have fun in the classroom are more likely to go to school.

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