Lee County Teacher Pay Raises

Recently the Lee County School Board adopted the state funded 5% pay raise method for teachers. Actual percentage rates will vary from 2% to 20%. The uproar over this seems to be the vast differences in the various raises per teacher; with some receiving a little less than 3% while others can expect up to a 26% increase in wages. The deciding factor as to distributing seems to be length of work experience, with those having the most experience receiving the smallest token amount in raises.
With the average household income in Lee County currently at just under $32,000, education providers, such as teachers were ranked third, surpassed by coal miners and truck drivers. So even though the Lee County School Board voted unanimously for the 5% state funded pay raises across the commonwealth. Since Virginia's state budget is for two years duration, new budgets are created in even numbered years and amended in odd numbered years the future rate increase is not certain. Currently the state budget that funds these teacher pay increases expires in June of 2020, and at this time no funding is guaranteed past that.

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