Lee County State of Emergency

The Lee County Emergency Management Director has declared that a local emergency exists in Lee County due to the weather. Declaration was made at 10:15 am February 24, 2015.

Lee County has submitted a request to the State Emergency Operations Center for State assistance of food and water for residents throughout the county that are not able to get out due to the heavy snows and temperatures.

The National Guard has been requested to assist with the delivery of the food and water to various locations throughout the county as well as assisting with extracting residents that require medical attention where the local emergency personnel have been unable to get to their locations.

As of yet there has been no confirmation from the State EOC on approval on the request for food and water.

The Virginia National Guard is on standby to assist as needed as resources are received.

No Shelters have been opened as of yet as there no reports of widespread power outages.

Additional details will be provided as they become available.

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