Lee County Sheriff’s Office Statement on Litter

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office is aware of local citizens’ concerns regarding the vast amount of litter that is currently strewn along our country’s highways. Unfortunately the Sheriff’s Office has been unable to get inmates out of the jail to pick up the trash because of the COVID Pandemic.
The Lee County Board of Supervisors has wisely chosen to contract someone to clear out our main highways of litter, while the Lee County Litter Coordinator works to clear our secondary roads. As these roads are cleared we want to work together to insure that they never get in this condition again.
Unfortunately, most people do not realize the seriousness of a charge of littering. Code section 33.1-346 makes Littering a Class 1 misdemeanor, that is punishable by twelve months in jail, a $2500 fine or both./
Also please remember when hauling trash in the rear of your vehicle to secure the load. Much of the litter on our highways is from trash blown from the back of vehicles.
We live in such a beautiful area. Let’s all work together to keep it clean and show pride in our great county.

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