Lee County Sheriff’s Department Issues Warning Concerning Scammers

Locally the Lee County Sheriff's Office has issued another scam warning for residents, as advised by the FTC or Federal Trade Commission. Residents are cautioned that some scanners may phone you claiming to be computer tech representatives of well established companies like Microsoft or Apple.
Another way scammers work is using pop up messages that supposedly alert you to potential issues with your computer; such as claiming their systems have detected viruses or other types of malware on your system asking for permission to remote access your system. Usually they'll claim to have diagnosed a problem often using technical language to mislead you and then ask for payment to fix unnecessary services.
Should you be contacted by phone or internet pop up or email messages concerning potential issues with your computer; don't click on any links, nor allow anyone to take control of your computer and never send any money. Never share your passwords, personal information or give access to your computer to anyone suspicious.
Additionally if you were scammed; immediately scan your system using legitimate security software and delete anything the scan shows is an issue. If you have already paid for bogus services with a credit card, call your credit card company immediately and ask them to reverse the charge. Report all scams to www.ftc.gov/complaint.

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