Lee County Sheriff’s Department 2017 Stats

Total calls received by Dispatch: 73,319.
Total calls received that Deputies responded to: 11,758.
There were 4,867 calls dispatched to other agencies.
There were 2,779 Rescue Squad calls and 289 Ambulance calls. There were 426 Fire Department calls dispatched.
One hundred eighty-five escorted Funerals.
Six hundred and four vehicles were unlocked for citizens.
Deputies served 1,636 warrants and processed 850 people. Deputies served 12,321 subpoenas, 340 show cause summons and 3,016 other various civil papers.
Thirty-four search warrant was executed.
Deputies traveled a total of 772,741 miles with 36,330 miles being on transports.
Deputies transported 35 juveniles, 50 mental health patients and 37 prisoner from other jurisdictions.
Inmates from the Duffield Regional Jail along with Deputies picked up 10,485 bags of trash from Lee County Roadways.
Lee County Reserve Officers volunteered 1,088 hours this year.

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