Lee County Sheriff Department December 2020 Stats

According to the Lee County Sheriff Department during the month of December 2020 the activity report listed the following:
Total calls received by Dispatch: 4,784
Total calls received that Deputies responded to: 779
There were 457 calls dispatched to other agencies.
There were 299 Rescue Squad calls and 6 Ambulance calls.
There were 43 Fire Department calls dispatched.
9 funerals escorted.
48 vehicles were unlocked for citizens.
Deputies served 72 Felony and Misdemeanor warrants and processed 41 people on 72 charges.
Deputies served 154 subpoenas, 4 show cause summons and 282 other various civil papers.
Deputies traveled a total of 55,785 miles with 761 miles being on transports.
Deputies transported 1 juveniles, 1 mental health patient and 2 prisoners from other jurisdictions.
Lee County Reserve Officers volunteered 44 hours to the community last month.

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