Lee County School Board Meeting Packed in Response to Gun Raffle

There was standing room only at the last monthly Lee County School Board meeting with Public comment lasting more than two hours. Roughly 41 concerned citizens addressed the Board for five minutes duration each.
America Collins and Sue Ella Kobak, were the two individuals listed for public comment on the agenda with others invited to speak afterwards.

Collins said that she had raised three boys that attended Lee County Schools and she was concerned about student safety and asserted “that everyone has the responsibility to keep kids safe in school.”  She acknowledged some safety precautions were in place but suggested other barriers such as effective lock systems and ground floor window coverings.

Kobak said that she was speaking on behalf of Dr. Art Van Zee, her husband and referred to a letter sent to the editor of Powell Valley News the previous week concerning the AR-15 Gun Raffle that was sponsored by a Lee High School group. While not against fundraisers or wanting to challenge the 2nd Amendment she suggested other types of fundraisers, such as tutor programs and food pantry community service.

A variety of topics was discussed after that by citizens regarding the Lee High School gun raffle fundraiser, school security, and the suspension of Lee County Public School welding instructor John Henry Myers Jr. With numerous individuals expressing their opinion that the lack of a welding instructor was harming the progress of students, even though third year students had pitched in to help first year students.

After discussion of many topics the board entered into Closed Session and the Lee County School Board adjourned until their next meeting on March 22nd at 6pm for a Public Hearing concerning the Fiscal Year 2019 School Budget at Lee High School.

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