Lee County School Board Accepting Requests for Supply of Stoker Coal

The Lee County School Board is currently accepting sealed requests for proposal for the supply of number one stoker coal. Interested providers are required to be licensed to conduct business in the Commonwealth. Copies of the proposal package can be obtained by phoning 276-346-2107. You may also email brian.dean@lee.k12.va.us and of course you may pick them up at the Lee County School Board Office located at 155 Vo Tech Drive in Jonesville.
Required are an original and two copies of completed offers that should be addressed to;
Lee County Public Schools
155 Vo Tech Drive
Jonesville, Va 24263
Offers will continue to be accepted until Thursday afternoon at 4:00 pm on May 28th, 2020 in the School Board Office. After this time the acceptance of offers will end.
The Lee County School Board Office retains the right to accept or reject any and all offers, to waive any informalities or irregularities, and to accept any offer which is deemed to be in its own best interest.

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