Lee County Residents Can Expect Public Water Delivery to Continue

Many Lee County residents can expect to have public water delivery restored to them after it was abruptly halted earlier this week. Thanks to an injunction that was filed in Circuit this past Wednesday.
The subject of public water delivery has been an ongoing dispute between Lee County's Public Service Authority and the Town, after a $161,000 bill and a proposal for a restructured rate system between the PSA and the Pennington Gap Town leaders. A notice for water conservation for the Big Hill and Miller-Smyth Chapel sections of Lee County was also rescinded this week.
The PSA issued a statement following the court's decision, "The PSA apologizes for the undue alarm and stress that has been placed on our customers since this dispute began.We understand your concerns and your frustrations, and we share them. The PSA continues to pay (Pennington Gap) based on the contractual rates agreed upon by both parties. The PSA continues to dispute the new new rates imposed by the Town, which the PSA believes are unfair and create an undue financial burden to all of our customers."

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