Lee County PSA vs Town of Pennington Gap Meeting Today

The Lee County PSA obtained a temporary injunction to prevent the Town of Pennington Gap from cutting off water service to PSA customers while the PSA and the Town attempt to resolve their ongoing rate dispute.
Jonesville, Virginia – June 20, 2018. On June 19, 2018, the Lee County Public Service Authority (PSA) filed a Motion for an Emergency Hearing and a Complaint seeking to enjoin the Town of Pennington Gap from cutting off water service to customers in the Big Hill and Millers/Smyth Chapel sections of the PSA’s service delivery area. Today, Chief Circuit Court Judge Jeffrey Hamilton heard the PSA’s motion and agreed with the PSA that the water should not be shut off.
Upon hearing the Court’s ruling, Executive Director Tracy Puckett stated, “I’m pleased that the Court agreed with the PSA that shutting off the PSA’s customers’ water was not the right way to resolve a rate dispute. You can’t risk the health and safety of the people over a financial dispute.”
The PSA has agreed to a meeting with the Town to discuss the ongoing dispute about the Town’s rates. That meeting is scheduled to take place today, June 26, 2018. “I am hopeful that we can sit down and work this out for the good of the PSA’s customers,” said Puckett, “but any agreement has to be fair and reasonable, which means that any rate increases have to be supported by hard financial data that justifies the increase.”

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