Lee County PSA Issues Boil Water Warning

Locally the Virginia Department of Health along with the Lee County Public Service Authority are cautioning residents in the St. Charles and Ely-Puckett Creek areas to use boiled tap water or bottled water for all drinking and cooking purposes as a safety precaution for the time being. This safety precaution is because of the ongoing construction in the St. Charles area.
Boiled tap water is necessary because the boiling process kill bacteria and other organisms in the water. Before drinking, cooking with or making ice cubes with tap water the preferred method is to boil to make it safe for consumption.
Fill a container will tap water and bring to a rolling boil, let it boil for one minute then let it cool off before using it or attempting to move it. Remember to use caution when using or transporting boiled water to avoid burns, scalds and spills. Only boil the amount of water that you can safely handle.
For additional information on this you may call the Lee County Public Service Authority office at 276-346-7775, with updated information to be posted on the Lee County Public Service Authority’s website www.leecopsa.org

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