Lee County Planning Commission

The Lee County Planning Commission held the public hearing last night on Wednesday, March 18 for the rezone property  for Galaxy Land Company.

The hearing was standing room only and the citizens of Dryden spoke greatly against the rezoning.

Mr. Stone of Jessee Stone spoke first about why he is asking for the rezoning.

His points

  • The area has hard sand rock for asphalt for pavements
  • Right now the rock is coming from Mountain City, TN and is costing a lot of money to transport the rock back to Lee County when it could be gathered in our county.
  • Additional jobs 8-10 people

The citizens of Lee County also had points to why they are against the rezoning.

  • Damage to foundation of surrounding homes
  • Loss of property value
  • Dust
  • Endangered Species in the wildlife and in the rives
  • Overall the health of the local residents

After many citizens spoke, the Planning Commission voted to recommend that the Board of Supervisors  DENY the application of the rezoning.

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