Lee County Man Sentenced to Five Years

Locally the Lee County Circuit Court has sentenced William Wallace to serve five years in the Virginia Penitentiary for crimes relating to possessing precursors to manufacture methamphetamine and violating probation. Following the term of active incarceration, the defendant will then serve an additional five years on probation. Commonwealth’s Attorney for Lee County, H. Fuller Cridlin released the following statement:
“Most methamphetamine cases we prosecute involve high quality crystal methamphetamine imported from outside the country, however, we still occasionally see homemade operations. These operations involve dangerous chemicals that are combined to essentially produce poison which leaves behind highly explosive waste. It is important to identify and stop such operations, however small they may be.
In this case, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office observed the potential operation while in a home to serve a warrant. The officers contacted the Southwest Virginia Drug Task Force, who then processed all the relevant chemicals as evidence, decontaminated the scene, and referred to my office for prosecution. The defendant’s conviction and sentence is a reflection of their hard work and commitment to public safety.


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