Lee County Hospital Authority Selects Ballad Health as Medical Partner to Re-Open Hospital

At their last meeting the Lee County Hospital Authority’s second major vote was the selection by the Authority of Ballad Health as its medical partner going forward.
Mr. Montgomery noted that Ballad Health recently approached the Authority to provide confidence to the Authority that if needed Ballad Health would fulfill its commitments to the Commonwealth of Virginia and provide the “essential services” contemplated in the Commonwealth’s Cooperative Agreement authorizing the merger of the health systems last year. “Those conversations quickly became a conversation about doing more and re-opening a hospital in the county,” he added.
The Authority conducted an extensive investigation to identify its new medical partner and considered alternative proposals, eventually selecting Ballad Health for a number of reasons. “The hospital building will once again be owned by the Authority. That was a big deal for us,” added Commissioner Pope.
“Preserving rural access to care is what Ballad Health was created to do,” said Alan Levine, Executive Chairman and CEO of Ballad Health. “This is the benefit of the merger, and we are excited to work with the Lee County Hospital Authority going forward. I give credit to the Authority members and to Delegate Terry Kilgore and Jeff Mitchell on their passion, perseverance and commitment to the residents of Lee County.”
The Authority directed its Special Committee, (comprised of Mr. Elliot, Ms. Pope and Mr. Montgomery) to work out the details.
“Many details have to be worked out, and the final documents between the Authority and Ballad Health have to be approved by both boards, but both sides are committed to re-opening a hospital in Lee County,” said Mr. Montgomery.
The Authority plans to meet again Thursday evening February 7th at the Pennington Gap Community Center at 6:00 pm. For additional information please contact H. Ronnie Montgomery, Vice Chairman at 276-346-2006.

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