Lee County Hospital Authority Approves Plan to Separate from Americore Health LLC

Recently the Lee County Hospital Authority Board of Commissioners met and took several actions regarding the Authority’s relationship with Americore Health, LLC and the Authority’s ongoing effort to re-open a hospital in Lee County.
In a unanimous vote, the Commissioners adopted a motion by Dr. Scott Litton to approve the transaction documents necessary to sever the relationship between the Authority and Americore. The vote concluded discussions of the past few weeks between the Authority and Americore to structure an efficient and quick separation. When the Authority selected Americore during 2017, Americore was the only option that guaranteed to re-open a hospital in the county.
“We felt like Americore was making great progress until mid-August,” said Commissioner Howard Elliot. Adding, “Then all progress stopped.”
“The Commissioners of the Authority provided very clear guidance to the Special Committee on the acceptable structure of any transaction: no additional county debt could be created and the county debt already on the building could not be cancelled and written off,” said H. Ronnie Montgomery, Vice Chairman of the Authority. “We set up a Special Committee at the December 16th meeting to work with legal counsel and Americore to finalize the Certificate of Public Need extension request and to discuss the relationship with Americore, eventually those discussions turned to a separation.”
“We have really focused our main goal- re-opening a hospital- and over the past few weeks we began to conclude it was better for the people of Lee County if we went in a different direction,” added Commissioner Diana Pope.
The approved transaction contemplates that the existing secured note on the building held by the Lee County Board of Supervisors will remain on the building and be repaid over time. The other existing debt on the facility, which was placed on the building by Americore will be paid by the Authority’s new medical partner, as required by the Authority’s deal with Americore.

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