Lee County Commonwealth Attorney H. Fuller Cridlin’s Press Release: John Eldridge

According to the latest Press Release from the Lee County Commonwealth Attorney H. Fuller Cridlin:
On Monday, March 11th, 2019, the Lee County Circuit Court sentenced Pennington Gap resident John Eldridge to serve a life sentence in the Virginia Penitentiary for object sexual prnetration against a minor under the age of 13.
"This case was brought to my office by Lt. Bobby Ellis with the Lee County Sheriff's Office, who conducted a very thorough investigation. I would like to thank Lt. Ellis for working closely with my office in bringing the charge and continuing to work with us throughout all stages of the prosecution. I would slos like to thank Deputy Commonwealth's Attoryney Sarah Wynn, and the victim advocacy team with the Lee County Sheriff's Office, for outstanding work in this horrific case.
My office is relentless in our pursuit of maximum sentences in these difficult cases. This is the second such case in the last ten months in which have successfully obtained a life sentence. In beinging the defendant to justice today, and ensuring that he never agains see the light of day outside of the Virginia Penitentiary, I pray that his victims can find some peace and comfort."

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