Lee County Commonwealth Attorney H. Fuller Cridlin on Tanya Suzanne Neff Sentence

In a Press Release from Lee County’s Commonwealth Attorney, H. Fuller Cridlin:
The Lee County Circuit Court formally sentenced Tanya Suzanne Neff on forty-eight counts of felony embezzlement, eighty counts of misdemeanor embezzlement and four counts of forgery. The defendant previously pled guilty to all charges on December 14, 2018.
As part of the defendant’s previously entered guilty plea, the defendant agreed to the following stipulations:
1) That she was employed by the Lee County PSA and was responsible for overseeing funds belonging to the PSA as part of her employment.
2) That she used Lee County PSA funds for personal transactions, including purchases from Wal-mart, Lowes and Amazon.
3) That she used Lee County PSA funds to pay her personal cell phone bill, her insurance and her personal credit card bills.
4) That she modified financial instruments and reports within the PSA to disguise her transactions.
5) That her personal use of these funds resulted in a loss to the PSA in the amount of $40,289.
6) That she used a credit card belonging to a PSA board member and forged his signature on four separate accounts.
The defendant was sentenced to serve two years in the Virginia State Penitentiary, with no possibility of house arrest, and ordered to pay fines in the amount of $3,950. As a condition of her plea agreement, the defendant has already paid back $40,289 in restitution. Following her incarceration, she will be on probation for three years.

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