Lee County Board of Supervisors

The Lee County Board of Supervisors heard remarks from Director of Business Development-Cumberland Plateau Region with Sunset Digital Joseph Puckett concerning cable services expansion at their regular monthly meeting on Tuesday October 17th, where he informed the board members that a cable franchise agreement proposal would be coming soon. Puckett stated that county residents currently on the waiting list for internet will be reviewed first and with consideration as to what makes the most business sense.

No public comment was offered on the proposed ordinance to establish a Regional Industrial Facilities Authority in cooperation with Dickenson, Lee, Scott, and Wise counties along with the city of Norton. Subsequently a ten member board consisting of two individuals from each area was proposed for the authority according to Administrator Poe. The ordinance was approved unanimously.

Rita McCann, Lee County Treasurer submitted a written report that outlined $5,303,083.09 in revenues and $5,263.954.78 in expenses for the month of September.

County Supervisors appointed Jenny Hughes to the Lonesome Pine Office on Youth board while tabling two other appointments. Mary Ruth Davidson was appointed to the Lee county Housing and Redevelopment board with an appointment to the St. Charles Water Authority being tabled. Due to the resignation of Mike Brindle, Aaron Stacy was appointed to the Lee County Public Service Authority board.

The Southwest Regional Jail Authority requested that the General Assembly adopt legislation to reinstate funding for state responsible inmates to pre 2010 levels successfully. 

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