Lee County Board of Supervisors School Re-Opening Plans

The Lee County Board of Supervisors met Wednesday to discuss the proposed plan to reopen Lee County Schools for the 2020-21 school year. The proposed plan earlier published with the school year to commence on Aug 6 with staggered schedules for grades 8-12 and younger students attending school Monday through Thursday. This meeting was an opportunity for the public to pose questions and voice concerns regarding the proposed schedule. The meeting opened with public comment where several parents, teachers and students voiced concerns and asked questions as to what would be provided for faculty and students concerning sanitation/air quality, resources, supplies that would be made available to the students.
Dr. Austin addressed everyone’s concerns with the information he had saying that every plan was not perfect and the school system was committed to serving each student safely with their education being top priority. He also asked that every parent with individual needs or concerns contact the school administration so they would be able to address each situation appropriately. After he spoke, each board member also commented how this was a unique situation, knew everyone was concerned for the students, faculty, staff and family safety and they were committed to working through each situation to ensure everyone’s needs were met as much as possible. They also stated that, since this was a fluid situation, the board would reevaluate often to adjust to situations as they arise.
After hearing the concerns of the public, the board voted unanimously to change the start date of the school year to Aug 20 with teachers reporting on Aug 10 at the discretion of the principles at each school. They also voted to offer a staggered schedule to all students, separating them in blocks with half of the students attending school on Monday and Tuesday with the other attending Thursday and Friday. All other times out be distance learning with Chrome Books and other material provided by the school system in use.
They also encouraged everyone to contact their supervisor to urge them to work quickly to help get internet access to each student. This is not an issue than can be fixed quickly but needs to be addressed for all the citizens in Lee County.

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