Lee County Board of Supervisors Meeting

The Lee County Board of Supervisors met May 19th, the meeting began with the supervisors submitting and then approving an ordinance to authorize the Board of Supervisors to award bonuses to themselves in regards to their employees and officers. The Board then voted on requesting Federal Coronavirus Relief Funds from the Commonwealth of Virginia for financial relief stemming from the impact of COVID19. Total amount they were voting on requesting was more than two millions dollars.
Administrator Dane Poe, explained that the funds would be used as reimbursement for qualifying expenses that took place from March 1st and December 30th, 2020. Poe went on to add that if approved these funds would be shared with Jonesville and Pennington Gap.
Funds are specified to be used for public health related expenses in connection with COVID 19, and are not to be used as revenue shortfalls at this time. Mentioned was the fact that several different localities are considering the idea of expanding broadband in regards to K12 Distance Learning, that would be of great benefit to rural areas.
Allen Fortner of Animal Control submitted a request to promote a part time employee to full time. Fortner cited the amount of calls and workload. Fortner went on to suggest that the increased hours could be used to benefit the Litter Control department with the enforcement of litter violations as part of their daily work. In response, District 5 Chairman DD Leonard that it might be too much for Animal Control, and the board went on to agree to discuss the matter sometime in the future.
The Board of Supervisors went on to approve a one time bonus or salary supplement to employees of the Lee County Department of Social Services, in the amount of one thousand dollars. The money is to be taken from the current DSS budget. The DSS staff said the surplus funds were a result of staff vacancies. District 2 Supervisor Sidney Kolb, was the only one to vote against it, and explained it by stating that he did not agree with spending local, state or federal funds because they are in place or in fear of losing future

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