Lee County Board of Supervisors Meeting 03

In our final coverage segment of the recent Lee County Board of Supervisors meeting is the approval of some mandatory contract documents regarding a block grant to be used for the St Charles Waterline Replacement Project which is being conducted by the Lee County Public Service Authority.
Various monetary increases in relation to Courthouse Security fees were then discussed with a 50% proposed fee hike from $10 to $15 being denied but a slightly smaller fee increase for $13 being approved. This increase is intended to help cover the expense of security persons at the courthouse entrance.
The installation of security cameras at the Blackwater Convenience Center was then discussed with the news of their completion in a matter of days.
In relation to the trash pickup issue alongside local roadways, it was suggested that the county seek bids from contractors to pick up litter along the county’s primary roads, namely Highway 58, Alternate 58 and US 421 with the work to be completed by April 30th, 2021 and would include an additional ten foot expanse along both sides of the roadways.
Earlier segments of the meeting featured reports from the Treasurer’s Office which showed $10,350,598.17 had been received, with expenditures in the amount of $6,289,285.95. Approval was also given for refunds to be issued in regards to taxes with appropriate documentation from the office of the Commissioner of the Revenue.
The next meeting is planned for Tuesday afternoon, December 15th at 4:30pm.

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