Lee County Board of Supervisors Meeting 02

In part two of our coverage of the recent Lee County Board of Supervisors meeting that took place Tuesday, November 17th, 2020. The adoption of a resolution by the Board for the Virginia Retirement System 457 Deferred Compensation Plan was followed thru with after being previously agreed upon. The plan will go into effect on January 1, 2021.
Three board appointments were decided upon with Greg Rasnic and Harold Hall continuing in their appointed roles, and Elwanda Pillion being appointed to the Mountain Empire Community Advisory Board.
Also approved by the Board, was the payment of restriping of the Lee County Airport runway. The request for information from the Virginia Department of Transportation was requested concerning the possibility of discontinuing maintenance and possible even abandoning a portion of Routes 704 in Stickleyville, and 657 in Flatwoods.
Paul Matticks with VDOT notified the board that the Route 682 Bridge Replacement project on Giles Hollow Road in Lee County has been pushed back for one or possible two years, even though it had originally been scheduled to begin in the Summer or Fall of 2021.
Matticks went on to speak about possible trash pickup along both primary and secondary roadways, including any applicable VDOT funding that would be used for the purpose of paying a member of local law enforcement to oversee a litter crew.
The Board of Supervisors also accepted a grant award in the amount of $10,000 from the Virginia Community College System for the purpose of creating a four year strategy for the Southwest Virginia Workforce Development Board. Further the local County Administrator proposed the county create some additional monitoring of the Workforce Board’s funding since the county serves as their current fiscal representatives.

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