Lee County Board of Supervisors Meeting 02

In part two of our coverage of the Lee County Board of Supervisors meeting, in addition to the unrest caused by a proposed tobacco tax some other topics were covered.
During the public hearings, no comments were uttered. The first of the two public hearings was regarding the Lee County Comprehensive Plan which the Board approved. Following that, the Board tabled the idea of adding a $10 fee in relation to criminal or traffic cases in the courts which if enacted would increase the Courthouse Security Fee to $20. It was mentioned by one person who was against the motion, that the proposal would increase the fees across the board and double the fees associated with minor traffic violations.
The meeting moved on to reports from the various departments at which time the Treasurer’s Office reported $7,240,916.74 in revenues and $6,115,208.06 in expenses.
The Board of Supervisors then went on to approve the minutes of four prior meetings that were held in September 2020. They also approved a request for a refund for real estate taxes that were paid by someone who was exempt, and had the documentation from the Commissioner of Revenue to prove their exemption.

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