Lee County Board of Supervisors Meeting 02

Among topics covered at the last Lee County Board of Supervisor’s Meeting, Poe and members discussed a request from the Lee County Department of Social Services regarding a one-time wage supplement that would require a public hearing, to which the members agreed to a hearing in May for that purpose.
Poe explained that a county wide rabies clinic that had been scheduled for this month be postponed because of the COVID19 restrictions imposed, with approval from the board members. Members voted for and approved a pay request from Hamilton Construction Company for new renovations to the Lee County Courthouse.
Commonwealth Attorney for Lee County, H. Fuller Cridlin submitted a request for the Commonwealth’s Office, concerning a proposed pay increase of the salaries of his staff members, which are required to watch law enforcement video footage from the body cameras worn by Sheriff’s Department Officers. This request is similar to the one he made last year while pointing out that while the cameras aid in law enforcement, they require quite a bit of time to review the aforementioned videos.
Included in the same proposal was an allocation of funds for the Sheriff’s Office to be able to improve some technical issues concerning the cameras, and especially in the uploading and downloading system.
Fuller went on to request that all funds recovered from delinquent fines/costs revenue collected by his office be allocated to their office for in-office use.
County Attorney Stacy Munsey disclosed that she and Pennington Gap Town Attorney Greg Edwards are working on the absorption of the St Charles Volunteer Fire Department by the Pennington Gap Volunteer Fire Department. Specifically, all details regarding the PGVFD assuming all assets and none of their debts or liabilities.
The next regular meeting is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, May 19th at 4:30 pm in the General District Courtroom.

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