Lee County Board of Supervisors Meeting 01

Last week’s Lee County Board of Supervisors met and voted four to one, to categorize Lee County a Second Amendment Sanctuary. This move was begun by District 5 Supervisor DD Leonard, with a resolution that concerned infringement of the citizen’s gun rights by state or federal officials. Those in support and voted affirmatively were Robert Smith of District 1, Nathan Cope of District 2, and Charles Slemp of District 4 joining with Leonard in agreement. Larry Mosley of District 3, voted against the proposal. Mosley went on to add that he couldn’t vote in support of the proposal without additional information.

The next matter was the approval of resolution for supplemental funds for Lee County Public Schools, which were a holdover from the previous fiscal school year. The appropriation total was $672,989.93. The School Board went on to request an additional transfer of unspent local funds from the previous fiscal year, in the amount of $40,208, to the School Board Capital Reserve Fund. Dane Poe, County Administrator, stated that the Board of Supervisor’s agreement with the Lee County School Board, was for the transferal of two thirds the balance of any unspent local funds into the county’s Capital Reserve Fund, with the remaining one third to stay in the county’s General Fund.

Following a brief discussion on the matter, the Board of Supervisors approved the amount of $26,939.36 be transferred to the School Board Capital Reserve Fund. County Administrator Poe added that the Capital Reserve Funds could only be used when appropriated by the Board for specified requests submitted by the Lee County School Board.

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