Lee County Board of Supervisor’s Meeting 01

Among the Closed Session topics covered was the replacement for E-911 Director Alan Bailey who officially resigned on December 26,2020. There was a request for hazard pay to be given to election officials who had worked during the Presidential Election. This request went on to specify two levels of hazard pay with precinct workers to be given $133, while both part time and full time individuals would be given $750.
Hazard pay was approved during the Closed Session. Approval was not granted however, for the remainder of the funds to be distributed equally among Stone Mountain Health employees and the Health Department, Lee County Social Services, and Sheriff’s Office road deputies and bailiffs. The Board did approve hazard pay to all county employees though. They also granted $8,000 to the Pennington Gap Woman’s Club.
The Lee County Board of Supervisors approved payment for invoices from the Scott County Telephone Cooperative for broadband expansions which are being undertaken locally. Poe commented on the construction to the extent that it is going “very well” with the use of CARES Act funds and also a Fast Track Broadband grant acquired from the Department of Housing and Community Development used for funding of the projects.
In regards to some proposed capital improvements for the Lee County Airport, Poe related that they would need to first be approved by both the FAA and the Virginia Department of Aviation. Some of the future improvements include pavement preservation and updating the lighting to LED’s.
Regarding funds from the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office on the collections of delinquent fines and such as collected through their office, Poe gave an update. According to a previous agreement from the board, they have allowed half of the collected funds to be transferred to the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office, with the remainder be given to the county.

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