Lee County Board of Supervisors Meeting 01

At the last Lee County Board of Supervisor’s Meeting, District 2 Supervisor Sidney Kolb proposed a motion to reopen the Lee County Court House to public traffic. It was seconded by District 5 representative DD Leonard, and District 4 represented by Commonwealth Attorney Chuck Slemp also voting in favor of the proposal. The motion passed 3-2 with District 3 Supervisor Larry Mosley and District 1 member Robert Smith both opposed to the proposal citing their preference to delay the proposed reopening.
Courthouse security was discussed with Dane Poe, County Administrator providing information regarding the public entry doors which have metal detectors and a deputy screening everyone who wants to enter the Courthouse building. Kolb also suggested an emergency loitering ordinance as part of his proposal that would include anyone not actually conducting business at the courthouse.
The Supervisor’s members also approved an amendment to an ordinance that concerns the county’s Airport Authority, This new amendment would allow board members to be appointed “at-large” as opposed to the current “member from each district” being required.
Additionally the supervisors, along with public input, discussed potential ways of increasing traffic and in turn revenue for the airport, which would in essence improve the airport’s operation in general. The supervisors delayed any funding proposal action during the public portion of the meeting, choosing to wait until closed session to award $1600 for it.
The remaining matters covered were the usual business matters, like the approval of minutes from their March meeting. Also approved were the minutes from their Recessed Meetings, which took place on March 10th and February 27th.
Also receiving approval were two refunds to two disabled veterans for real estate taxes, after the Commissioner’s Office supplied documentation.

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