Lee County Board of Supervisors June 18th, 2019 Meetings 01

At the recent Lee County Board of Supervisors meetings it was decided in favor for the proposed abandonment of a road in Ewing (Route 9225). This proposal was a holdover from their previous meeting.

The second item discussed at the meetings held prior to their regularly scheduled one, concerned the proposed budget for the next fiscal year which runs from July 1st of this year until June 30th of 2020. This proposed budget will then be voted on after a legally required seven day period. This budget will be voted on and is expected to be approved at their next meeting that is scheduled for June 27th.

The Board of Supervisors also voted on and approved the minutes of four meetings at that time. They also agreed upon and approved three refunds of taxes according to the documentation provided by Commissioner of Revenue, Chris Jones.
Lee County Treasurer Rita McCann’s report showed $5,698,544.78 in revenues and $6,329,829.80 in expenditures.

The Board of Supervisors then moved onto and approved the Disbursement of Bills along with Supplemental Appropriations in the amount of $255,887.37.


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