Lee County Arrest Records

James W. Taylor, age 49 of Jonesville on Probation Violation.
Reaven Clayton Leonard, age 50 of Pennington Gap on Breaking and Entering.
Cory Alexander Johnson, age 20 of Jonesville on Breaking and Entering.
Nicholas Rayan Eldridge, age 34 of Ewing on Capias.
Jimmy Jones, age 32 of Rosehill on Assault and Battery charges.
Austin Hunter Wayne Allen, age 20 of Pennington Gap on Driving While Intoxicated.
Don Wayne McKinney, age 60 of Big Stone Gap on Public Intoxication.
Bradley Silas Shelburne, age 33 of Jonesville for Concealed Weapon.
Stephen Almond, age 51 of St. Charles on Assault and Battery.
Tammy Doggette, age 51 of St. Charles on Assault and Battery.
Rebecca Sweeney, age 41 of Jonesville for Probation Violation.
Daniel Lee Rivers, age 38 of Pennington Gap for Public Intoxication and two counts of Damaged Monument.
Elmer Edward Middleton, age 57 of Cranks, Ky for Public Intoxication.
Victoria Cheyenne Hall, age 21 of Jonesville for Possession of Schedule I or II.
Please note that all are considered innocent unless declared otherwise in a court of law.

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