LCCH Making a Difference

In the short period of time the Lee County Community Hospital has been open, it is making a difference.  Speaking with Mitch Kennedy, LCCH Administrator, he voiced his excitement in the role the newly reopened hospital is playing in our community.  He was eager to share stories of success that have come so quickly to help the citizens of Lee County.  Kennedy said – “one of the first patients we cared for was an emergent cardiac condition that may not have lived had we not been able to stabilize her and get her transferred to HV (Holston Valley) for emergent treatment. We have had several since and have actually had more than 65 ambulance visits in less than 2 weeks.”  He went on to add, the “….Greatest challenge thus far has been trying to care for the additional ER volume that is far and away bigger than we originally expected and planned for.  The community has really supported the facility. We are now trying to hire more staff to be able to respond to that surge in volume. “ 

More great news for Lee County Patients will be the plans to expand on services to the community in regards to testing and screenings.  Kennedy added that they are in the process now of balancing the staffing in the ER that has taken some extra resources due to the higher than expected patients.  With this move, some of their outpatient services have not opened completely and are operating at a reduced capacity to ensure the ER is fully staffed to meet the demand.  Once additional team members are in place, these services can open fully and additional services such as Ballad Mobile Mammography screenings beginning on August 17th, along with other testing coming soon, can begin to help our community from having to travel for healthcare.  One thing is for sure, it is a comfort to know we have LCCH to help when there is an emergency and look forward to all the services this great hospital and its dedicated staff will have to offer.

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