Kentucky Utilities Old Dominion Base Power Rate Increase Hearing

Kentucky Utilities/Old Dominion Power Company (ODP)’s request for an electric base rates adjustment has been scheduled for a public hearing on Thursday evening February 22nd, at 4 and 7 p.m. in Norton. The public meeting concerning the ODP’s request case number PUR-2017-00106 will be held in the City of Norton’s Municipal Building Council Chambers at 618 Virginia Avenue, Northwest.
ODP filed an application on September 29, 2017 for an adjustment to its electric base rates requested to increase its total revenue by approximately $6.7 million which is a 10.4% increase in its total operating revenues which includes fuel. ODP indicated that this rate increase includes a $4 increase from $12-$16 in the monthly customer charge.
If the proposed rate increased is approved, customer bills would increase and the amount would depend on the individual customer’s rate schedule and usage. The proposed increase would raise the monthly residential bill for those customers using one thousand kilowatt hours per month from $103.82 to $116.46 according to the company, an increase of 12.17%.
Both the company’s application and the commission’s order for notice and hearing are available to the public during regular business hours at each of the company’s business offices in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
Interested individuals may also obtain a copy by submitting a written request to the counsel for the company by mail at:
Kendrick R. Riggs, Esquire
Stoll Keenon Ogden PKKC
2000 PNC Plaza
500 West Jefferson Street
Louisville, Ky 40202-2828
Additional information may be found at the SCC website at:

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