Kentucky coal

In hopes that coal mining can become a positive thing again Bell and Harlan counties released their state reports during the third quarter of this year.

From July through September, the report is showing that Bell County added 41 mining job during those three months to raise its total to 422, an increase of 10.8 percent.

For Harlan County, it lost 26 jobs, and dropped Harlan to a total of 983 mining jobs, a decline of 2.6 percent.

The differences between the counties is the statistical change in the amount of coal mined in each during the third quarter.

Harlan County was the third largest coal producing county in eastern Kentucky during the three months, with 1.3 million tons, but that was a 5.7 percent decrease from the second quarter.

 Bell County had a third quarter tonnage of 419,737, which represents an increase of 41.4 percent over the previous quarter.

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