K9 Sgt. Pearla Nabs Shawn Bowman

Over in Scott County during a traffic check, a deputy observed a vehicle pulling into a residence. He knew the people that lived there. The vehicle that had pulled into the driveway didn’t belong to the residents. The driver, identified as Shawn Bowman, told the deputy they knew the people that lived there and named someone, however, the person he named did not live at the residence.
The deputy then asked Bowman if he had an identification card, he said he did not have his wallet with him and that he did not have a driver’s license. The deputy then ran the tag and it came back as stolen from Norton, Virginia. The passenger was identified as Nicole Garrett.
K9 Sgt. Pearla alerted on the passenger side of the vehicle. After a search of the vehicle was conducted, a small yellow baggie containing a white substance tested positive for methamphetamine. Further search of vehicle yielded two sets of digital scales, small baggies, needles, syringes, three baggies containing methamphetamine, two with residue inside, a Suboxone capsule and a baggie with Suboxone strips inside.


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