June Jonesville Town Council Meeting

The Jonesville Town Council approved the town's 2016-2017 annual budget at their regular monthly meeting on Monday, June 6. The total assets and liabilities come to $1,196,991.

Mayor Jim Ewing said a total of eight softball teams will begin play on Monday, June 13 at Cumberland Bowl Park, with games following each Monday and Thursday.

Three retiring councilmen made comments on their time serving on the council. Tony Collier and Wayne Maness agreed that serving was both gratifying and frustrating with Maness adding that it is difficult to try and improve the system. A.R. Blevins will retire after serving on the town council 1972.

The mayor announced that the town will have only fireworks as their 4th of July celebration this year, with no other activities.

A swearing in ceremony for new town council members will be held on Monday June 20.

The council adjourned until Tuesday, July 5 at 6 p.m.

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