Jonesville Town Council Part 2

At the recent Jonesville Town Council meeting, newly appointed Chief of Police Paul James provided some information regarding the department’s June activities. Chief James added that the department was currently coordinating their patrol schedule and are authorized to use radar for speed limit enforcement. Chief James went on to present and receive approval for a proposal to adopt better quality uniforms for the police department.
Superintendent Jimmy Cluesman related the information that everything in the Public Works Department is going well in regards to employees having recently painted the new handicapped accessible lavatories.
Mayor Jerry Harris, related the information of the Lee County Tumblers and Twirlers desire to utilize the American Legion Building for their classes each week. The Council considered and then approved the request, at a cost of $100 per month for usage of the building.
Moving on, Mayor Harris, went on to relate a discussion with LENOWISCO regarding information about a possible grant that would allow the installation of Wi-Fi in the parking lot across the street from the Lee County Courthouse in Jonesville. Harris did note that the Town would be responsible for electrical service, but that there would be no charges related to the installation of the service. The Jonesville Town Council agreed to the pursuit of additional information for the grant.
The Town Council then recessed until their next meeting, scheduled for August 10th, 2020 meeting at 5:30pm.

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