Jonesville Shooting Under Investigation

Investigators are continuing their investigation into an altercation that took place recently in Jonesville, Va. Occurring between two male adult family members, the disagreement let to one of the men suffering a gunshot wound and requiring transportation to the hospital for serious, but non-life threatening injuries.
Earlier that day on August 5th, police had responded to two previous calls to the residence in Jonesville in regards to a fight. The second phone call reported that the fight had progressed considerably, leaving one man unconscious. While one of the individuals had been knocked unconscious as a result of confrontation that took place just after 5pm. After that the 29 year old man who armed himself with a handgun is alleged to have shot the older 53 year old man, armed with an axe.
The third urgent phone alerted police to the fact that the man had regained consciouness, and the fighting had recommenced. Unfortunately this time, the younger man, had armed himself with the guy, as opposed to the older man, who was armed with an axe.
The man transported to nearby Bristol Regional Medical Center for treatment of his injuries, while the younger man remained at the scene and has been cooperating with investigators into the matter.
At this time the names of the individuals has not been released to the public as the investigation is continuing, and according to the Virginia State Police charges are pending.

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