Joint Highlight on Telephone Scammers Now Impersonating Police Officers

Recently area law enforcements agencies have issued a warning that the Virginia State Police along with the Virginia Fusion Center and the Northern Virginia Regional Intelligence Center have observed numerous fraudulent telephone scams involving police impersonation.
These scammers are claiming to be police officers and even providing a valid Virginia State Police telephone number to verify their claims. In some instances the scammers did follow up contact and claimed to be Social Security officers or Attorney Generals. Making false claims that the victim’s identity had been stolen and the victim now had current criminal charges or warrants pending and the victim would need to send money immediately to have those charges cleared.
The scammers most often request the money to be transferred or wired into an account; however, gift cards as a form of payment has also been demanded. Scammers have also continued to call from “unknown” or “blocked” numbers even after victims have blocked their phone number. Variations of these scams have been reported from all over the country, with some scammers posing as police officers seeking donations.
Everyone is reminded that law enforcement will never contact citizens and request payment to clear warrants. Also to remain wary of Caller ID since technology has made it possible for scammers to fake the number they are calling from. Do not give in to pressure. Never provide your credit card number, bank account number, or other personal information to a caller. Keep track of your credit score and bank statements for unusual activity. Telephone scams should be reported to the Federal Trade Commission at  

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