Johnny Pace of Kentucky Arrested

In nearby Harlan County, a man is accused of holding his wife hostage inside their home according to Kentucky State Police. 70 year old Johnny Pace is charged with First Degree Wanton Endangerment, First Degree Unlawful Imprisonment and also Second Degree Terroristic Threatening, after Kentucky State Police responded to a call from the victim’s daughter.
The caller informed police that when her brother attempted to pick up their mother, Pace fired a weapon towards her brother and refused to let her mother leave the house. The daughter also claimed that Pace had threatened to shoot any police if they should show up.
Eventually the woman exited the house to walk her dog and was approached by law enforcement, One officer attempted to talk with Pace. After several moments the wife was led to the back of a patrol car after she informed officers that she was afraid and that her husband was inside the house with a loaded .16 gauge shotgun.
Moments later Pace exited the house, and officers commanded him to show his hands and to get down on the ground. Pace is alleged to have walked towards the officers in an aggressive manner, not complying with their commands while putting his hands in and out of his pockets.
Finally law enforcement was able to arrest Pace without further incident. Pace’s son told the officers that when he attempted to pick up his mother, Pace had fired two shots at his vehicle. Police located the gun inside the house, along with two spent rounds on the front porch.
Pace was transported to the Harlan County Detention Center. The case is part of an ongoing investigation.

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