Jason Tates Pleads Guilty Then Files Appeal

The Scott County Sheriff’s Office was notified of a vandalism incident that occurred on Addington Frame Road. The home was unoccupied and was being used for storage. An unknown subject had thrown a brick through a window, gained entry, and spray painted graffiti on the inside of the home. A 4-wheeler that did not belong to the victim was discovered outside the home.
An investigation into the matter revealed that the 4-wheeler belonged to Jason Tate, who was unknown to the victim and who had reported the 4-wheeler stolen. Interviews were conducted and it was determined that the 4-wheeler had not been stolen and Mr. Tate was responsible for the vandalism.
Mr. Tate was arrested and charged with the offenses of Entering the property of another with intent to damage and knowingly giving a false report to Law Enforcement. He has since been to court and pled guilty to these offenses and has filed an appeal. Damage to the property was estimated at $200.


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