J. Frank volunteer

J. Frank White Academy students will be volunteering at the Claiborne County Animal Shelter.

J. Frank White Academy requires each student to perform 25 hours of community service work each year, and for members of the JFWA Beta Club the requirement is 30 hours.

The students will not be able to work with the animals directly  due to liability, but will be shredding donated newspapers for bedding for the animals.

The students volunteering will help the shelter greatly and volunteers will be at the shelter two Saturdays a month.

 J. Frank White Academy hopes this will be a project that continues.

The shelter will also be having a $100 plate dinner and silent auction on Febuary 15.



The Claiborne County Animal Shelter is a nonprofit volunteer operated animal rescue and adoption shelter. They do not charge a fee for dropping off animals. For information about volunteering, donations or the fundraiser you may contact Martz at 423-869-6234.

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