Investigation Proves that Earl DePriest is Bobby DePriest

While conducting a traffic check point on Wadlow Gap Road in Scott County, deputies made contact with the driver of a Chrysler Sedan. The driver did not have a driver's license or ID in possession. A run of the license plates revealed they had expired in April of 2019 however, the tags had a July sticker on them. A closer inspection of the license plate indicated the July sticker had been peeled off of some other tag and fraudulently placed on this one. He was asked to step out of the vehicle and  was searched for weapons.
During the search a latex glove tied up containing a hard object was in his rear left pocket. K-9 Sgt. Chris Kilgore ran K9 Pearla around the suspect's vehicle. Pearla alerted positive for narcotics on driver's side door area of the car. The latex glove found in the driver's rear pocket was opened and inside was found two syringes appearing to have been used. Also a substance was found inside the glove which the driver admitted was meth. The substance also field tested positive for meth.
The driver gave his name as Earl Depriest. Custody of the subject was transferred to the Regional Jail under a $5,000 secured bond. Three days later a subject called the Sheriff's Office and said his name was Earl Depriest. He said he believed that his brother Bobby Depriest had stolen his ID and used his id during the arrest process.
A subsequent investigation revealed this to be true. Therefore new warrants on the suspect under his correct name of Bobby Depriest have been obtained. The charges on him are:
Possession of Schedule  I/II Controlled Substance (felony)
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
Altered License Plates
Perjury (felony)
Stealing the ID of Another to Avoid Prosecution or Impede Criminal Investigation
Giving false ID to Law Enforcement Officers
Forging a Public Record
Steps are underway to clear the victim’s record of these charges.


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