IDA Finances New Business in Pennington Gap

Press Release 16-09

The Industrial Development Authority of Lee County (IDA) announced today (June 23, 2016) the closing of a loan to assist Long Hollow Sales, LLC, a new hydrographics business in Pennington Gap.  Hydrographics, also known as immersion printing, water transfer printing or hydro dipping is a method of applying printed designs to three-dimensional surfaces such as ATV fenders, automobile dashboards and gunstock.  The business is owned and operated by Bryan and Heather Hogan of Jonesville.  
 “The IDA of Lee County is anxious to assist entrepreneurs in either opening or expanding their businesses.  We can provide supplemental financing to help bridge the gap between a business owner’s cash investment and their primary financing source.  Bryan and Heather have invested a significant amount of their own funds into this business and we are happy to provide a portion of their financing.” stated Michael James, IDA Director.  
The proceeds of the transaction will be used to purchase inventory for the business as well as some minor renovations to the store location at 41829 East Morgan Avenue (next door to the IGA Supermarket).   “We appreciate the IDA’s help in securing this financing,” stated Bryan Hogan, one of the proprietors.  “We are now open to the public and can transform your helmet, fender or gunstock with hundreds of possible designs.”  
“We congratulate Long Hollow Sales, LLC, on their opening and look forward to a long professional relationship,” stated Greg Edwards, IDA Chairman.

About the Industrial Development Authority of Lee County:  The mission of the IDA of Lee County is to promote and facilitate economic growth and development in Lee County by recruiting manufacturing, industrial and commercial enterprises to locate or remain in Lee County, promote entrepreneurism and to enhance the economic well being of the citizens of Lee County.  Michael James has been Director of the Authority since May, 2011.



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