Hospital Authority Finishing $10 Million Loan Application

The Lee County Hospital Authority is nearly finished with an application for a $10 million loan from the USDA. The county will have 40 years to repay the loan. Ronnie Montgomery, Authority Vice President, says this money will bring the hospital up to date with state and federal standards that are much stricter now than when the hospital was originally opened in the 80’s. The new facility will be a 24-bed critical care unit with a 4-day stay limit. Although non-profit, Montgomery says the amount of public use will keep the facility running. While the Authority hopes to maintain day-to-day hospital management, they may still partner with Mountain States Health Alliance or Appalachian Regional Healthcare System. The loan application process requires a public hearing and the Authority has plans to complete the application in the next few months, meaning approval could come as early as the end of the year.

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