High Mileage Vehicle Tax Reduction Due August 17th

Chris Jones, Lee County Commissioner of Revenue has recently announced that Lee County citizens with excessive high mileage may be eligible for a vehicle assessment reduction.
Jones stated, “This program helps people who frequently commute and incur a high number of miles on their vehicles. With the proper documentation, we can more accurately assess these vehicles.”
Jones further added that the average annual mileage accumulated would need to exceed 15,000 miles per year to qualify for any type of value reduction in most instances. One example is that a 2015 vehicle would need to have in excess of 45,000 miles or three years vs 15,000 to see any reduction in most instances.
In order to qualify for the reduction, the owner would need to submit qualifying documents. Examples of such documentation would be a recent Virginia State Inspection receipt, a recent oil change receipt by a verifiable third party that lists the date, vehicle and the vehicle’s mileage on the receipt, or you can take the vehicle by the Commissioner of Revenue’s Office for verification.
Commissioner Jones requests that all documentation and inquiries be submitted to his office no later than August 17th, 2018 in order to be eligible for this year’s program. You can find the High Mileage Application on the Commissioner of Revenue website www.leecor.org. Simply hover over the Personal Property tab and then select the Personal Property Forms tab to gain access to the High Mileage Discount Form.
Alternatively you can email the documentation to cor@leecova.org or mail the necessary documents to:
Commissioner of the Revenue
P.O. Box 96
Jonesville, Va 24263
Those needing additional information may call the Commissioner of the Revenue’s Office at 276-346-7722

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