Health Wagon Provided with Telehealth Carts

George Mason University has partnered to give four new advanced telehealth carts to the Health Wagon through a United States Department of Agriculture grant, valued at $12,040. These telehealth systems will be used to provide virtual clinics.
“The Health Wagon is so very thankful for these products as we are the highest utilizer of telehealth in the Commonwealth of Virginia due to barriers, such as financial and transportation, that prevents patients to be treated with much needed specialty care,” said Health Wagon President and CEO Dr. Teresa Tyson. “The Health Wagon will supply carts at Health Wagon stationary clinic sites, partner Appalachian Center for Excellence in Healthcare and with partner Appalachian College of Pharmacy,” said Dr. Tyson.
The Health Wagon also intends to utilize this innovative approach to healthcare treatment to minimize a potential Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak in southwest Virginia. Telehealth is a resource which mitigates barriers to healthcare access as well as prevents transmission of disease and illness from physical touch.
“We are happy to support the Health Wagon with equipment and will be available for any needed support during this public health epidemic,” said Dr. Rebecca Sutter, Director of Clinical Services Population Health Center/Mason and Partners Clinic Co-Director.
“This is an opportunity to utilize virtual retail health clinics at pharmacies and grocery stores to see a doctor and get a prescription at the same time to avoid spreading the coronavirus,” said Dr. Shamly Abdelfattah, PharmD, Associate Professor of Pharmacy and Director of Healthcare Innovations at the Appalachian College of Pharmacy.
This innovation and partnership is still in the early planning stages and will not be available immediately. For additional information about the Health Wagon, please call 276-328-8850

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